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We help to empower young and young at heart by providing the trusted guidance and influence every person needs to achieve their full potential.

As the pace of technology increases, so must our pace of understanding and collaboration. NCNW is not only a place to discover new information and facilitate new relationships, but also a home base for collective work. NCNW is here to help you reach your full potential, as a woman, as a professional and as a friend. Reach out to women and men who have blazed a trail and on whose shoulders you can stand with confidence. Network with your friends and peers. Mentorus is here for you.


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The value of human connection is still vital in this age of technology and innovation. See and hear why traditional values still matter. With MentorUs you will encounter the rich tapestry of the black experience and gain powerful keys to understanding into how to make your personal relationships meaningful and magical.


NCNW strongly encourages personal growth and awareness through expanding your personal and professional brand beyond the dimensions of your business card. Take advantage of the vast experience NCNW members possess. Put their knowledge and expertise to work building your career today and tomorrow.


As advocates for lessening wage and gender inequity, MENTORUS helps you access personalized advice on financial well-being and puts you on a path to create a plan for generating, maintaining and growing intergenerational wealth.

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